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The Psychology Behind the Shareability of Your Content

When we consider the kinds of content that tends to go viral on the internet, a wide breadth of topics come to mind. People tend to share content that impacts them in ways that are emotional, insightful, or entertaining. The vast majority of viral content focuses on the positive and negative aspects of society that […]

The Importance of Coaches Mentoring Coaches

Mentorships are not as pervasive in the professional world as have been historically. They are invaluable experiences which provide a wealth of knowledge. Mentors are able to provide an experienced point of view otherwise unattainable without years of work. Coaching and mentoring are wholly different from each other.   While coaching focuses on attaining results […]

What to Do When You Are Burnt Out?

Five tips to help you get back into your zone of genius.   You have been working so hard. You have hit a lot of highs and a lot of lows as well. You have been working late nights and rising early in the morning. This business is your baby. It is your way to […]

The Most Common Things Clients Want From Their Coaches

Understanding the Value of Your Coaching from your Clients Perspective When people look for coaching services there are a multitude of reasons that motivate them. It is difficult to quantify how and why clients seek out the aid of a coach. Due to the wide breadth of areas that coaching can take root, the aspects […]

5 Preparations to Take Before You Start Coaching

What most coaches need to do before starting a coaching practice and most don’t. You’ve decided to take the first steps in a new and exciting profession: coaching! After you have figured out the more general aspects of what you want to do in order to have a fulfilling and successful career, it’s time to […]

What to do during your first 6 months of coaching

How to create a profitable coaching practice from Day 1. It’s scary. It is terrifying leap of faith. You quit that job that sucked the life out of you. But you knew that you were destined for something greater than just a simple 9-5. You want more for yourself. You want freedom for yourself, your […]

How to Get People to Engage With Your Blogs and Content

The best psychology tips and tricks to get people to interact with your brand. Getting people to take the time to look at your website content is harder than most perceive. There’s so much out on the web now that every topic seems saturated. You need people to engage with your material in order to […]