Blogs and case studies allow you to create an ongoing relationship with your loyal clientele through personalized information. Sharing your personal voice through an experience, a case study, new information, or a expressive narrative enables people to connect with you and your brand on a more personal level.


Beyond building credibility, blogs provide your voice to be heard by existing clients and future prospects. They give your consumer an inside look at your ideas, concepts and style. Blogs promote ongoing conversations that keep your consumers engaged. A well-thought and consistent blogging strategy can position you as an authority with outstanding credibility. The possibilities are endless with your new blog. You can talk about old news, new news, or something that you find interesting. Together we will help strategize and coach your way to success by telling your story and sharing your ideas through effective blogging.


Benefits of a Case Study

Having case studies not only validates your products or services, but it gives your consumers a chance to share their story. Everyone wants to be heard and creating case study profiles for your consumers is a win-win. You promote them, while they promote your business. Alternatively, writing these case studies can allow you to highlight the process, benefits, and user experience of your services. It’s a great chance to show off some results and a written account of satisfied clients. Viewers will be able to see your breadth of experience and expertise you have in the industry.



Including articles as part of your repertoire will further substantiate you as an authority in the coaching world. Coaches and public speakers look to us to help them create literature and content that is informative and engaging. Additionally, designing content based on statistical information will supplement their brand image, which also adds to their credibility. Our eXtensive knowledge of current industry trends allows us to target wider audiences to drive the growth of your business. In addition, we know how to retool and partner with media outlets and other coaches to extend the influence of your articles.

Tap into related fields and gain a new audience with the help of Xtensive Strategy.




Downloadable documents are a brilliant way to provide value to your viewers in exchange for their email address. Some people may be interested in your business, but haven’t yet picked up the phone. This is a way to follow-up with those potential clients and provide useful information; in hopes of getting them onboard.


Adding downloadable documents into the design of your website is another call-to-action avenue that has proven success. With the right strategy, these documents can be very enticing and compelling for viewers. Humans are simplistic. The easier it is for them to provide their email, the more valuable your offer is to them. Downloadable content that drives action is another specialty of Xtensive Strategy.

While ensuring that your information in your downloadable content is valuable, having the right strategy behind it is equally important. Ideally, the viewer downloads your branded infographic, case study, or PDF and gleans so much information from it, they want more and come back. On the other hand, you don’t want them to read a poor document with minimal information, which may give them a bad experience. This can be damaging to your brand and they might doubt the value in your services.



A picture might say a thousand words, but an infographic or downloadable document might say a million words! After establishing the right strategy for your downloadable document, the right balance of graphics can really engage your viewers. Combining different colors, designs, and icons with your document will do wonders for your engagement. Having these documents congruent with the rest of your marketing collateral is the best recipe for success.

Attaching links and URL’s to the bottom of each page is also another great conversion tactic to drive visitors back to your site. This is also another great way for your business to capture consumer information.



In exchange for your downloadable document, people will willingly provide their email if they see value in the document. As you add people to your email list, you can create a series of email autoresponders involving various downloadable documents and forms. You’ll send them the information and a thank you reminder first. Then, a few days later, you can send another email promoting an eBook or program they might find valuable. If the consumer doesn’t respond, you can send them a third email about a promotion, event, or opportunity to join your exclusive club. This will keep them in-the-loop of the business and might give them value to finally take action.

Generating different email campaigns and providing value to their community will give you the best chance to gain their attention.