How to Get People to Engage With Your Blogs and Content

The best psychology tips and tricks to get people to interact with your brand.

Getting people to take the time to look at your website content is harder than most perceive. There’s so much out on the web now that every topic seems saturated. You need people to engage with your material in order to have a consistent and reliable presence and gain a wider audience.


Your blogs and website content can make you look boring and less credible or it could really cement you as a consistent presence and authority! It will help you too, but making you more productive and giving yourself a better understanding of topics that influence your coaching specialities. Prospects and clients alike will also have a stronger connection to you, which means you’ll have an advantage over your competitors.

You need good content that is relevant to your niche. Make sure to do your research and have high quality in your writing and production. Use visual design to your advantage as well, make sure your font and video player are user friendly and easy to read. Share your work through social media and be visible and easily shareable! Don’t underestimate the power of having guest posts and interactions with other credible sources. This can be a great tool for advertising one another through positive collaboration and you’ll have a new connection.


Target your niche with your content. If you want to coach divorced women in their 40’s then your blog articles should be advertised to those women in their content. Think about the kinds of blogs, articles, videos, or downloadables are the most attractive to you niche. Your content should be accessible as well, the last thing you w ant to do is alienate any of your prospects or clients. Have links to other blogs, videos, and articles to let your audience know that you’re in the loop. They need to know that you’ve done your research and are a credible authority. Keeping a consistent schedule of when your content comes out will also show how reliable you are.


There’s a variety of tools that you can use to get people to interact with your content. Subscribe to comments is a great plugin that makes it easy for people to interact with your content. Comments are a great way for others to also see you interact with your audience and showcase your personality. There are also websites such as which alerts search engines when you have new content available. This is great for keeping visibility up! You want to advertise your new media with really eye-catching titles and images. Make sure your written content is easy to skim, you don’t want people to feel like they’re reading a novel unexpectedly. Having prominent social media share buttons is a must! It’s one of the easiest ways of reaching a wider audience quickly.
Remember these simple rules: easy to share, easy to skim, and interact. Have interesting content and titles that aren’t just clickbait. Don’t offer people fast and easy advice and take five minutes in a video to get to what you’re advertising. Talk about it first and be engaging and personable, make people want to get to know you. Engaging people is really about being interactive and exciting. Don’t let the details fall to the wayside: font, color, site layout, and user intuitive interfaces can make or break how much people want to engage with your content. Make it easy and welcoming for prospects and clients alike.



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