Your memorable logo and brand are the face of your business and need to be shared. When you work with the Xtensive Strategy design team your business will have the opportunity collaborate on each step. We want to make sure that the products we are creating for you are exactly the way you want them.

If your company wants an amazing and creative banner, we can help you. If you are looking for photo sliders or catchy infographics, we can help you. Everybody loves a great business card, but only with Xtensive Strategy will you receive the card that everyone holds onto.


From business cards to your Facebook profile and banner ad, YouTube cover art, point of sale promotions to your website, a consistent appearance is essential to be memorable. If you are changing your look across platforms, it is far more likely people will forget you or be confused if you are the same business.

With an extensive graphic design strategy your business will receive all of this fantastic promotional material that will help get your logo and brand out to the public. If you are looking to go your business to its maximum potential with up-to-date graphic design artists, contact Xtensive Strategy today.



Website Banners
Website Sliders and Images
Social Media Banners and Cover Art
Business Cards
Promotional Material

Your visual appearance says a lot about your business and how you approach business. Reflect that passion through your compelling graphics across all your platforms. With an extensive strategy your graphics will not only be attractive, but compelling.