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There is always room for improvement, that’s what we believe. From those looking to redesign or rebuild your site, revamp your marketing plan, redirect to another marketing avenue or to develop a comprehensive information marketing campaign we help businesses wherever they are at. At Xtensive Strategy we don’t just look at each marketing element as a tool, but as a component of your greater marketing campaign on and offline that needs to work in congruence with the rest of your marketing plan.


The same principles apply as in school. Your courses had structure and levels that you needed to pass before advancing to the next grade or level. Online the same fundamentals need to be established to lay the foundation for your business to succeed. People won’t see you as a legitimate business if you try to sell them a $1,997 informational marketing program if you don’t even have a Facebook profile or YouTube channel properly established. The same comes to your website. We help businesses evaluate, strategise, execute, analyze, and adapt to a strategic marketing campaign we develop with you.

You don’t need just any strategy, you need an extensive strategy.



What do you really want? Where are you really at? Who is your real target market? These are all questions we ask to gain a deeper insight into what truly differentiates your brand and how we can leverage that to reach your ideal market.

A reality check with where your online presence stands follows. We check your various online profiles, platforms, and see if your existing presence will allow you to fulfill your goals. Often we see that your vision isn’t able to work with what you have and that the foundation is too small. If we grew the ideal campaign that attracted thousands of people to your site, it would not succeed, it’d fail. We don’t want that.

We want your business to succeed to your greatest visions. To do so we’ll be brutally honest, and respectful, about where your online presence stands, what is working and where there is room for improvement. We’ll never intentionally build something for you knowing that it won’t benefit you. As campaign strategists we want to ensure that everything works symbiotically to help you achieve your business goals.



Upon gaining a clear understanding of what makes you unique and where you want to take your business we can help devise an online marketing campaign. Ensuring the foundation of your online presence is solid and that any additional work will only contribute to it is our initial focus. If your website won’t be able to scale or handle the traffic you care to drive to it with SEO and video marketing we don’t execute those until you’re ready for it. There are many services and tools we can use, but strategizing the execution plan that will grow with you and have you see results along the way is key to us.

Whether your have a start up business or small business, even an established brick and mortar restaurant, there are often elements of your online marketing campaign that are neglected or missing altogether. Highlighting what these are and what it is you can do to establish yourself across all platforms, Xtensive Strategy helps illuminate what other opportunities exist and what priority each should take in developing your campaign.



Action! After we have solidified your extensive marketing strategy we start executing and implementing the development of it. From a website facelift, video production, creating downloadable documents to the submission a press release, integration of an email autoresponder campaign and we keep the messaging, graphics, and positioning consistent.

We’ll help you execute the marketing campaign so that you are able to leverage each tactic and allow them to maximize your exposure and business. Retooling a piece of video across all platforms from your social media platforms, YouTube, your site, a press release and more is a great illustration of how we look at your whole online marketing presence and not just one component of it.



Continuasly adapting and adapting your marketing campaign based off your statistics we’re able to help your business stay on course and grow on and offline. Strategies are only as good as their execution, and we believe that wholeheartedly. Revising our actions to reflect what is working best, how trends and seasons change your marketing receptivity and how to capitalize on that is what makes us an interactive marketing and campaign development agency, not another digital firm.

See for yourself with a FREE SEO Baseline Ranking Analysis to highlight where you are found and where there is opportunities and we’ll happily meet with you to hear your story.



After the first phase in the campaign is executed we perform several types of market research. Subtle tweaks in your calls to action, page structure, or messaging can make a huge difference. From speaking to clients, analyzing data and metrics online, and more we aim to find what adjustments are necessary to refine the marketing. People initially will tell you what you want to hear, that’s a fact. Through asking the right questions we can unveil how they really connect and feel with your marketing message.

The reports we produce illuminate a lot of telling evidence as well. Online everything can be tracked now. Beyond bounce rate, browser and demographic information, we can see what pages people got gridlocked at, where they spent their time and how much for starters. With our SEO reports we can track where you are ranked across all search engines in real time for a host of phrases. Want to know exactly how to beat out your competition? A competitive ranking analysis highlights the various factors search engines are ranking you for and exactly what effort it would take to rank higher than them. Being able to view the stats is imperative, deciphering what’s the most important and how to adapt off them within your campaign is more powerful.