Why You Need to Build a Solid Client Base Before You Expand

Finding Your Ideal Time + Strategy to Grow Your Coaching Business


A client base consists of the regular clients you have kept as well as people with a high prospect of becoming regular clients. They are your main source of income and interaction as an entrepreneur. Building and maintaining a strong client base is imperative in succeeding as a coach. You need strong relationships with your regular clients in order to grow as a coach in every facet.


Many people fail in entrepreneurial ventures because they overlook the importance of creating a strong base of customers or clients. While coaching is a much more personal profession than most of those businesses, it still shares a few of the same aspects of them. As a coach, you do not have the time to cater to the volume of people most businesses do. The intimate nature of your profession requires a higher investment of time and energy. Without a stable base of income from regular clients, your work will become financially unsustainable.


The elements you need in order to succeed as a coach all require that you first build a strong client base as proof of your value. These factors are part of two overarching categories: building and maintaining value.


Building Value

Creating value for your services in a quantifiable way can seem intimidating. It becomes much more manageable when you have a reliable client base. The two most important pieces of your business that you will gain are:


  • Financial Stability
  • Time Management


Having financial stability is the most obvious reason to start with a strong foundation of clients. Creating your own business is always risky and you need to have concrete data on your income. With a consistent number of clients, you will be able to accurately assess your projected income and expenses. It is necessary to have a strong sense of fiscal responsibility in order to feel secure and give your clients your best.


Being able to accurately determine the time you spend on each service for your clients will give you a better grasp on time management. This is key in keeping organized and running a business that is professional and smooth. You give yourself the best chance at success by using the data from your work with regular clients wisely.


The quantifiable data from both of these factors will also give you the ability to have specific answers for the questions prospects ask. Both the monetary cost and the time commitment of your services are set and exemplified through your existing clientele.


Maintaining Value

Along with building the quantifiable value of your work, a secure client base will afford you the ability to maintain and grow your business. Your regular clients can help you:


  • Illustrate Consistency
  • Build Your Image
  • Establish Authority


Your interactions with regular clients can further exemplify the consistency of your work. Having a solid client base will speak to the value of your skills and your consistent ability to deliver results. Constant interactions with your regular clientele on visible mediums such as social media further cement you as a trustworthy coach. It emphasizes your commitment to your work which is enticing to prospects.


The regular clients you have speaks to your niche. These people are evidence of the kind of coach you are and what you specialize in. Retaining the trust of the same clients over time maintains that your services are highly valued. Your clients choose to continue working with you because of the quality of your work. This builds your image as a legitimate and desirable coach. When a strong body of people consider your expertise so highly beneficial, your standing as an authority spreads.


Building and maintaining value as a coach is impossible to do without first creating a solid client base. Without one, you will be unable to fully ground yourself as a professional coach. The sustainability of your business will become jeopardized early on if you don’t take the necessary steps in obtaining quantifiable data and qualifiable authority. Your client base can help you expand your business and potential as well. They will give more evidence on your expertise through social media, spoken word, and testimonials. These are invaluable in breaking down the skepticism of prospects and establishing you as a skilled and trustworthy coach.



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