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Successfully Building One on One Coaches
to National Speakers and Authors

COACHES One on One

We help coaches who are not only getting started, but also building their practices one on one. If speaking face to face is your niche and you desire to have a solid presence we can gear your online image in an impactful way. Our clients have had extensive aid in creating websites and online content in order to get people to call and meet with them one on one. We help our clients reach out in an effective way and justify selling their services at a higher rate through the justification of the quality of their work.

We help our coaches facilitate their prospects through a dialogue using their coaching practices. The content we can create for you will mirror the quality and tier of the services you provide to your clientele. If you are interested in building an online presence that will grow your offline career contact us.


If your aim as a coach is to reach your audience through e-coaching, we have extensive experience. We help our e-coaches create online training programs, webinars, Ebooks, and PDFs that they can sell and monetize. We guide them through the use of programs such as Webinar Jam to create content that aids in building trust and rapport with their audience through seeing other engage with them on a personal level. We can help you build your business by helping you create products you can monetize from.


Our priority for our public speaking clients is in creating content and media kits which edifies them online and offline. This helps them secure speaking gigs consistently. We capture their content in a way which is effective in demonstrating their capabilities as public speakers, leading to a their authority and expertise in their subjects and fields.


We help our authors create Ebooks and offline books to sell their content in a branded fashion. We can help you sell your content and illustrate your personality and character in order to procure an audience. We gear our focus for our clients in a way which creates opportunities to be featured on various media outlets such as talk shows, radio interviews, and television shows. The focus of our marketing is to illustrate their brand in their products in a way that drives Ecommerce.