An eBook is a book in an electronic. Simple enough. Does your business have an abundance of information that you often get asked or have to answer? There is an easier way to distribute it, an eBook is the solution. We can help you strategically create and distribute your information and a campaign around an eBook whether you are an author or business.


The benefits of eBooks are endless. For one, it wastes no paper! There are no packaging or shipping costs, and it is immediate, which makes life easier your consumer and cheaper for you. It is also available 24 hours a day, every day of the year without any employees or stocking shelves. When a consumer wants more information they can get it instantly, without leaving their chair. No more waiting for it in the mail or driving to the nearest book store.

Once your consumers downloads the eBook they will have it forever. They can take notes, highlight or print the eBook and can’t share it with too many friends. Yes, we can put a lock on how many downloads are established from your site. It is the quick and easy answer for distributing important information about your business.

Your eBook also will provide you an SEO ranking gains benefit. With all the content being able to be searched, read, and indexed you’ll have a ton of content to position yourself as the authority you are. Additionally, 50 prominent distributors will be linking to you and your site which will help validate you with valuable links to your website.



When working with businesses we find that there is information that could be disseminated more efficiently and an eBook can allow for just that. Extracts, chapters and more can be pulled for downloadable documents, free give aways, and other online promotions. Printing the book for a small run or large after consumer feedback is just a few clicks away too. After you get reviews from your ebook from the 50 various outlets that we can share your book from Amazon, iTunes, or Nook and more, you can decide what other edits you want to make before launching a paperback book.

Syndicating and formatting your book to be adopted by the array of platforms is time consuming, but our expert graphic designers will help ensure your book is properly formatted to be sold in their online stores. Distributing your ebook on these various online platforms to keep the majority of profit off each sale too.



There are other avenues to compliment your eBook to monetize your eBook too. Creating an interactive eBook through our audio or video services is also a great way to keep your reader engaged and enhance your message. Your readers can search for specific information without searching page by page.

eBooks are a great marketing tool for many businesses, especially when they can be distributed across 50 plus platforms aside from your site. Our staff of editors and writers can also work hand in hand to help you produce, refine, and edit your book until you are satisfied.

If your business has always wanted a great and easy way to distribute information, contact Xtensive Strategy today and we will help



Xtensive Strategy, partnered with an authorized Press Agent can submit targeted relevant press release that have embedded contact information, logos, hot links, images, and now even YouTube videos. Typically up to 800 words in length, and can be submitted to popular aggregators like Google News, Daylife, Newsblaze, Mass Media Content, Moreover, Pluck Blogburst, Sphere, and VerticalNews; in clipping services like CyberAlert, CustomScoop, Ewatch, InboxRobot and NewsKnowledge. The news release is also submitted to RSS feeders including Alltop, Feedburner, Feedzilla, NewsisFree, Red Tram International, Wikio, Zimbio, and many more.

To increase your impact and awareness we submit the articles to the Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), and Thomson-Reuters. Targeted distribution to media editors at daily newspapers, major news weeklies, news and talk radio shows, TV stations and even editors at one national trade and consumer magazine industry category can be included.

We’ll can educate you on the benefits of targeting based on your state, industry, and region while staying current on industry formatting and submission standards in submitting a press release.


You can’t spell “authority” without “author”. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is extraordinarily important to write an eBook. The audience will not only buy your book, but will potentially convert to your clients, customers, and brand ambassadors.

Writing an eBook provides these very tangible benefits:

+ An increase in perceived value of your products and services

+ An indicator of your credibility and status as a thought leader

+ You will gain an entirely new audience that will increase your e-mail list


Not writing an eBook will certainly leave a lot of opportunity on the table. However, it is an overwhelming and time-consuming process to accomplish alone. At Xtensive Publishing, we offer the entire suite of eBook services so you can focus on running the day-to-day operations your business requires.

We have a dedicated team to execute following services:

+ Editing and proofreading

+ Ghostwriting and ideation

+ File organization and conversion

+ High-quality graphic design of book covers

+ The PR and Marketing to ensure you have a successful release date

Take your business to the next level and have “Best Seller” next to your name by contacting us today.