Commercial SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization along with SEM (Marketing) and SEP (Placement) are commonly some of the most familiar and fundamentally unknown terms by most businesses. Its popularity has created a slew of myths, misunderstandings, and confusion for many business owners.

At its foundation the concept of SEO is online social proof.

Our process strategically gets your site noticed on search engines organically, locally, and with your AXIS or niche. Through the combination of Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, and Profile Analysis we leverage the technical tools we have to feature your business online for a host of engines. Key words, meta tags, and key phrases are just a few of the elements we help your site with in the process.

Where many small and even vastly growing businesses fall short is properly submitting your site to the multitude of available search engines. Google isn’t the only one out there, and while it is dominating the market share at 64% usership, there are several others that you could be found on where your competition isn’t. Google is still affected by your site being recognized on Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and the many others.

First in our process, recent search queries over the last 60 days, keywords, and phrases are noted and put into top ranking order for your business. With the ideal meta tags generated and embedded into your website will create optimal results. Then a sitemap of your website is inserted into the databases of the following search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. This process expedites the indexing of spiders and bots that search engines send out to log your site, thus bypassing your current backlog that exists

There are many smaller engines, over 150, that we submit your website to that are relevant based on your location, language, and more. Afterwards a Baseline Primary Search Engine Ranking Report is developed to show your business the current position before any of the new updates. We make adjustments based on new searches, phrases, and keywords every four weeks and then start the process over again. All reports are available to the client as they are created. Depending on your company’s size or niche we continue this process for 6 or 12 months.


Local Directories

Increase your website, and store, traffic by creating the correct listings across directories for your brick and mortar establishment. We build a robust profile for your business that highlights all the information that people and search engines are looking for. From your location, hours, photos, phone number, contact information and much more we create one profile for your business.

Search engines, just like people, do not want to make a bad recommendation to a business that is closed. Even stores that have changed locations, menus, and more make a bad reflection on you or a search engine for sending you there. Thus, data that is conflicting across platforms, directories, and sites will hurt your ranking.

From the start we can provide you a baseline report that highlights where you are found and where you are not. This shows the opportunity to be found where others are currently not finding you on websites, maps, directories, or apps.

We submit your profile to 50+ local directories that update your information monthly and ensure it is consistent across media outlets. We provide more than just rankings though. This service is unique in that it maximizes your visibility for increased rankings and consistent NAP data in a compliant format that search engines want to see.

Monthly updates and reports are able to be show to highlight where you are found. Additional phrases, terms, photos, and much more can be included with this service which will ultimately help people find you in their car, on their phone, computer, or directories.


Content Distribution

Creating a movie is great, but only if it gets seen. Copy is the same. There is not much sense in spending time in creating copy that doesn’t reach your intended audience, right?

While we have Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter now to help push your perfect blog, how many people does that truly reach? How many conversions have you seen? Are you reaching the right audience?

The Contracted Posting to Domain Authority service of 10 key industry sides helps create real quality links from real sites with domain authority. In short this means Google and other search engines like these sites as they are more popular, viewed, and reliable. So, for those on a budget you are able to get your blog or article distributed to high quality, industry related blogs and platforms to an audience that is relevant.

By featuring your site on relatable sites that get traffic and are seen as quality to search engines you can be seen as important when they link to you. It is the idea of “being guilty by association.” If these sites see you as an authority and link to you, then why shouldn’t Google?

These publications add tremendous power to your link profile, but they can also become long-term traffic sources for your business.

How can you write on my business’s behalf?

With years, decades, in the digital space and knowing how to properly research what keywords and phrases are essential to your businesses ranking, we have this down. The writing tied to your site will be superior quality and linked strategically to feature your business for the things you want to be found for naturally.


More, and more quality, is better when it comes to the reach of your content on high domain authority links. Search engines see the extra validation from quality sources in a similar way to social proof.

Imagine you meet someone at a party, your party. How do they react? When you know the majority of people and they think highly of you it makes a great deal of difference than being the new guy to a party with a friend, right? These same principles transcend the digital medium.

Again, we carefully craft the information for you and it is distributed to sites that are highly ranked and relatable to your site. Strategically we link your site with terms that are more likely to generate traffic as well as quality reference for search engines to promote you for those phrases.



This service is for companies and corporations that are looking to have the ultimate reach with their content. Continuously creating content that is highly valuable and relatable to their audience and distributed continuously is the right approach.

Strategically, this concept of layering and pushing out content to the best media outlets that you can drive quality links and traffic from is one of the strongest ways to continually build your rankings.

Links of this caliber on these sites help drive a continuous flow of traffic to your site from highly relevant platforms and websites. All of this is highly recognized by search engines that you are an authority and thus the combined results compound your ranking gains and position on all search engines.

This product is for those looking to gain a competitive advantage in their industry by providing quality information to their audience across platforms. It is best utilized with several articles and in combination with the SEO Commercial Submission product we offer.

Links are all extremely high Google recognized domains and can be created within a few short months for optimal reach and ranking impact.


Link Building

Remember the popular kid in high school? Yes, and so does everyone else. He had social proof. Other people knew him; his strengths, capabilities, extracurricular activities, even courses. You might not like the way he treated you, but he left an impression on a lot of people. That’s social proof, everyone voted for him or knew to avoid him.

Making your website popular like the high school prom king across the web will allow search engines to see the validation that others have for you, thus boosting your ranking. Not all links are created equal, some are more powerful than others.

The right external links from other credible sources can drive traffic to your site and convert potential leads you’d never interact with. Internal links will help search engines guide their way through your website as a users would. External links point to other sites you reference and claim are an expert in their field. Hopefully you already have a few others calling you an authority, otherwise we can help with this.

The number of links is equally as well as the quality of the links are both important for your ranking. It can get confusing, but we play the game all the time. At its root we help on your page as well as from external sources to allow search engines to recognize that others see you as an authority and legitimate business. Not only do you know what you are talking about, but others do too and as such you have online social proof.

We can also help with your reputation management by linking with useful sites related to your industry. Other forums and blogs that are relatable are great to share content or have clients share their insight in for external validation. If you’re seen on the New York Times it is far more powerful than being seen in the local Denver Post or Cherry Creek Daily. Regardless, having your website posted on other websites is a great first step and show search engines that you have social proof within the community.

This process has grown as social media has and is all very time consuming. Just as you are an expert in your job, SEO is one of our specialities and we work very hard to help position you across the web to be found and ranked well. We want to help you business grow by making sure that every possibility for being found on the backend is reached so that you can continue to work on your products and services. Contact Xtensive Strategy today for a SEO Baseline Ranking Report.

With website traffic analysis that are extensive your business will have the important online tracking information you have always wanted. We want to be fully transparent and show you where you are getting a return on your marketing dollars. Graphs and numbers can often be confusing, but we will explain all of the analytics we provide and help you understand where the most traffic is generated. Your business will know how your visitors found your website and from which device.



With the Xtensive Strategy SEO services we want to show your business how it is working, where it is working, and why it is working. With monthly reports and analytics your business will be able to see the numbers and justify the SEO efforts.

A Baseline Ranking Analysis highlights where you are found and where there is room for you to be found. Searching what are the various competitive key phrases and terms that you could be found under we cross check how many people are actually searching these terms. With our Predictive Keyword Analysis Report you’ll see exactly how competitive your keywords are and what opportunities exist to target other relatable search phrases people are looking for. Comparing how much competition you have we can illuminate a few avenues for your business to be found more easily.

Most SEO companies are not able to show you where you are ranked or found. Search Engine Awareness, SEA not SEO, is knowing where and more importantly why you are ranked where you are. Our monthly Ranking Gains Reports illustrate where it is you are ranked with an unbiased and true report. We illustrate where you are ranked, whether your rankings have increased or decreased, where your PPC account or images even rank for various search terms. The Ranking Gains Report highlights how the array of search engines place you and delineate how you are found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing on a desktop versus on a Mobile device. Yes, even if your site is mobile ready and responsive it could rank and score differently than it would on a desktop.

Unlike when you are logged into your Google account and it tracks your user behavior and skews the results to better suite you, we show you where the search engines actually rank you. With over 175 search engines we and show you exactly where you are ranked and found for each term and phrase at any time that you have a SEO contract with us.

We also can provide your business with a competitive analysis, highlighting where your business is ranked against your top 10 competitors. Here we take a deep look at the various elements from backlinks and title tags to server speed and visitors to the site. This information is a critical part of your marketing plan if you are trying to figure out how to beat your competition on Google. With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your website unique, and therefore what attributes you highlight in order to attract your target market by ranking higher than your competition.

Get the numbers, get the facts from your SEO company. This information paired with an extensive strategy to capitalize on these possibilities to rank competitively, often on the first page can change your business. If you are struggling to be found organically on search engines, contact Xtensive Strategy to run a Baseline Ranking Report today.