Xtensive Strategy has devised a unique website solution to balance the strategic and creative elements of your site to increase the efficiency, competitive benefit, and conversion of your consumers. With our extensive website design process we enable your business to personally customize a website that will represent your story authentically, while connecting and resonating with your consumers.

Our professional design team will work with you in collaboration to create the front-end of your website. Through wireframing and sketching out the design elements you want we work to make your website graphically appealing while still maintaining its desired functionality. We believe in the importance of a congruent message across your website by aligning your graphics, narrative, and marketing in order to compel your audience and make you memorable. We take careful consideration to ensure that the aesthetics and overall design of your site do not clash. Clarity will allow your consumers to navigate your new website with ease.

At Xtensive Strategy we have a passion for bridging the gap between a beautiful and a strategically executed design. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, creative and timely design, and reliability in execution. By staying up with current trends, practices, methods, and technology we are able to help you reach your audience on any device. Mobile and responsive websites are the foundation that all of our sites, yet there are many more considerations and elements that your website can have.


That’s roughly how long you have to captivate and attract the attention of your consumer once they hit your page. Images, text, video, ads, subscription forms, the list of elements go on. While all of these are important elements they need to be balanced with a strategic design, execution, optimization tools, and more allowing you to achieve your goals online.

We want your website to achieve optimal online visibility through designing a website that matches your business’s goals while providing your business the foundation needed to succeed online. If you are looking for a website makeover that will attract your consumers, contact Xtensive Strategy to get started on the design process.



At Xtensive Strategy we start by understanding your business’s goals and targets in order to develop the best website that will fit your unique needs. Our website design service will make your website looking professional, and with an extensive website development strategy your website will be running perfectly.

Your website needs to be scalable for your business to grow and create additional services. Equally as important, your website needs to be strategically developed to keep the traffic and optimize the chances of visitors becoming customers or inquiring for more information. We don’t want to play the game of redeveloping your website every few years, it should have the foundation for your growth.

With an extensive development strategy your website will be functionally flawless. With our designs you will impress your consumers, and with our development you will retain your consumers on your page. It is vital to direct your visitors toward your products until the final check out, download, or contact page.

The Xtensive Strategy team of professional developers, who excel with the rapidly changing technology, can personalize your page through a combination of HTML, PHP, ASP, AJAX, XHTML, XML, Javascript, and even YouTube, Vimeo, or Podcasts.We pride ourselves in balancing content, design, and the important developmental elements that are going to have your website converting.



More than 64% of consumers are currently looking for local products and services on their mobile devices
Roughly 91% found what they were looking for
Customer acquisition costs two thirds less per lead with inbound marketing than traditional outbound marketing

The E-Commerce industry is rapidly growing. Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales have undergone vast changes. With an extensive e-commerce strategy you can have the fast solution to getting your product or service out to your consumers without a physical location and minimal effort.

Our team is highly adapted to the new creative ideas that attract customers, retain loyal consumers, and marketing additional products in a much more efficient and lucrative way. There are a host of shopping cart and e-commerce options to sell your products online. We have our favorite too, but we want to ensure that they are going to allow you to achieve your goals first. Our extensive strategy will be built around your sales goals and your specific needs.


The E-Commerce industry is rapidly growing. Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales have undergone vast changes. With an extensive e-commerce strategy you can have the fast solution to getting your product or service out to your consumers without a physical location and minimal effort.


Conversion Rate Optimization


Traffic to your site isn’t the problem all the time, converting what visits often is. Many websites don’t lead people through the site. You get onto a page and at the end of you are left to go nowhere except back up to the top and to the navigation. Making sites more user friendly, guiding and directing people through the site and naturally leading them to where you’d like them to go by providing them strategic selective options is the key behind conversion rate optimization. We get asked all the time from people that have done SEO or worked with other marketing firms, web developers, and business coaches.


While there are endless elements that play a role in this the foundation is always the same. Provide them options. Provide people value. Share information and share opportunities for them to engage. If you leave people to make their own way through your site, even unintentionally, they are prone to leave upon getting fed up when the don’t get the information they were looking for.

Providing calls to actions, opt in forms, and downloadable documents, infographics, and more not only engages consumers which makes them invest more time and energy into you, but provides direction to your information and products they desire. They came to your site for a reason, helping them get there easier, while minimizing clicks will greatly increase your conversion rate ratio of traffic that visits your site.