What to Do When You Are Burnt Out?

Five tips to help you get back into your zone of genius.


You have been working so hard. You have hit a lot of highs and a lot of lows as well. You have been working late nights and rising early in the morning. This business is your baby. It is your way to no longer have to answer to anyone else. It is your way to be able to give people that freedom from a 9-5.


It is your gateway to financial freedom. However, you can’t seem to find the drive you did last month. You can’t find the reasons to answer potential clients emails. You have taken a few days to yourself but you don’t want to head back to work right away. You feel like you are stuck in rut. Maybe your budget is not where you need it to be, maybe you are not driving any sales, maybe you just are in a really bad funk and are incredibly burnt out. What do you do?



  • Pick three days to take off.



Take three days to yourself to reconnect. Do a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Or a Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Whatever you decide, just make sure you do it for three full days. Gather your cell phone, tablet, computer, TV, whatever, and turn them off. Take the next three days to yourself to decompress and allow yourself to be found again. Clear your schedule, no matter what is happening. You are not checking emails, your social media stats, what your friends are doing. It needs to happen. It is time that you put yourself first again.


  1. *warning: tough love alert* Start putting yourself first again. Even before your business.


After you have placed all your electronics away. Make yourself some tea-decaffeinated. Make yourself dinner for you and your significant other if you have one. If not then, then less food to make. Pick up the book you have been dying to finish. Read at least three chapters. If you are the type of person who needs some of white noise to fall asleep, then I suggest listening to some calming music before bed. It is helpful and it is designed to help you sleep. Write a note to yourself before you go to the sleep the things you have been dying to do and make a plan to do them. Write out all your frustrations about your life and your business that you need to fix. Take the note and put away in a drawer that you normally go into. Go to bed early and enjoy your sleep.


  1. Take the next three days to truly decompress

As stated in the last point, plan out the next three days completely for yourself to reconnect with yourself. Stretch your whole body once you wake up. Make yourself breakfast each morning along with a cup of tea. Try to cut back on the amount of coffee you drink during this decompress. Take the morning to read your book. Make yourself lunch as well or take yourself out to a new place you have been dying to try for lunch. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE WHILE BEING OUT IF YOU TAKE IT OUT WITH YOU. If you need it, then use it for the necessary items and keep the phone in the car. Plan the rest of the afternoon to do something you have been dying to do.


Do something different to exercise your mind. Allow it to take up most of your afternoon. Once coming home, make yourself some food or order that pizza you have been dying to eat but I did not want to break your diet for it. Start that new Netflix show or watch a feel good show that always makes you laugh. Suggest: Black Mirror, Crown, Orange is the New Black, The Office, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy *yell at the TV about what Meredith should be doing instead of worrying about Derek*, and there are many others to enjoy. Read more of your book. Once you are getting ready for bed, stretch your whole body again. Write about what you did differently as you would do each day; describe how you felt, what you saw since you did not use your phone that much. Continue the process for two more days.


  1. Take a deep breath


You are at the end of the third day. You should be feeling slightly decompressed unless you cheated and looked at your business and what you needed to do. Once you climb into bed, reread what you wrote the night before you started and see if you can come up with a better solution to all the things you need to do for your business. Read all the notes you wrote over the last few days and see how you are feeling.


  1. What did you learn?


Ask yourself this question once you step back into the office and feel ready to step back into the office. What did you learn about yourself? Did you learn that you need to lean on your time more? Did you learn a new solution for an issue at work? Did you learn that you need to schedule time for yourself more? Did you learn that your team needs time to decompress as well?
Simply, there is nothing wrong with realizing that you are overwhelmed and need a break. There is nothing wrong with saying to yourself “I need to be alone for a few hours from my own life.” You owe to yourself, your friends, your employees, and your business to take the time out necessary for yourself in order to continue to shatter all those ceilings possible.


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